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Standard Of Coverage

SOC Study Report

Volume 1 (11-14-19)

The Cities of Gilroy and Morgan Hill (Cities) and the South Santa Clara County Fire District (Fire District), collectively referred to as the “Departments,” jointly retained Citygate Associates, LLC (Citygate) to conduct a comprehensive Standards of Coverage (SOC) assessment to provide a foundation for future local and regional fire service planning. The goal of this assessment is to identify both current services and desired service levels and then to assess the partner fire agencies’ ability to provide them. After understanding any possible gaps in operations and resources, Citygate has provided recommendations to improve regional operations and services over time.

This assessment is presented in several parts, including this Executive Summary outlining the most significant findings and recommendations, and the fire station/crew deployment analysis supported by maps and response statistics. A separate Map Atlas (Volume 2) contains all the maps referenced throughout this report. Overall, there are 40 findings and 10 specific action recommendations.

Local and Regional Fire Service Planning

Why Read Our Assessments?

There are no mandatory federal or state regulations directing the level of fire service staffing, response times, or outcomes. Thus, the level of fire protection services provided is a local policy decision. Communities have the level of fire services that they can afford, which may not always be the level desired. However, if services are provided at all, local, state, and federal regulations relating to firefighter and citizen safety must be followed.

SOC Study Map Atlas

Volume 2 (11-14-19)

Volume 2 contains all of the referenced maps in Volume 1 which includes maps for station locations, population density, and congestion information which allows us to predict travel time to critical infrastructure such as Engines, Trucks, etc.

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